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Hello! I introduce to you Ben Carrasco who dares to be discovered. I've been credited with being a co-writer with some of the best hit songwriters. The late Charlie Craig, Donnie King and I wrote a song titled "Jumping Of The Track" Charlie wrote "Wanted" recorded by Alan Jackson along with many other hits. Also Roy August who Co-wrote 'Fancy Free" recorded by The Oak Ridge Boys. Roy and I have written a number of tunes some of which have been featured on internet radio. I've had a song featured on main stream Pop/Rock radio titled "She's Got It Going On". I've also had the privilege of writing with many other songwriters from around the globe. It takes more than ink and pen and mere talent to create a commercial tune. It takes Craft/skill and all that it intails, it's perceptive abilities, sometimes long hard laboring hours, it's art and the Gift from a higher power. Behind every successful songwriter lies a unique story of monumental proportion/history if you will. My story is still being written one song at a time and it Started with SongCrafting.

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  • The Springs
We go together like to half pieces of a heart/look at us we're a work of art/meant for each other
yeah holdin' hands and stealin' kisses lead to I do's and lifetime lovers just me and you knocking out forever
A song that we dance to
We're still holding hands and sharing kisses/after all this time we're perfect like this
We're still laughing loving sharing kisses/holding hands and living perfect like this
We're still holding hands and sharing kisses/live laugh loving every moment of this
Every moment of our lives we'll capture/in those 3x5's we'll always treasure
Every moment of our love will be/ captured in those 3x5 life's story
Every day gets better with you girl and baby you're like heaven in my world
Life with you is all I could dream of/ you make it feel so good to be in love
It was fate that brought us together like two half pieces of a heart
But the memories we build on are treasures/made for two
But most unforgettable is the I love yous/made for two
but the thing we won't forget is this love so true/made for two
A song that we dance to
feeling sweet emotions/As a choir in a revival.
Together we make one beautiful you and I

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