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Ellen Reid’s Videos & Notes

Follow the entire evolution of Ellen’s song collaborations with Hookist here!  If you’re new to Hookist, start at the bottom with Ellen’s Inspiration Video, where she’ll explain the Hookist songwriting process, and then work your way up to hear a rough mix of
How Much More & “Rise”!

Ellen Reid BW at piano smile

LISTEN to a rough mix of “Rise”!  It’s beautiful!

WATCH Ellen Announces the Most Valuable Hookist & the Title!

NOTE Ellen Announces the winner of the last line!

WATCH Ellen Announces Verse 4 of Song 2!

WATCH Ellen Announces four – count ’em – FOUR winners for Verse 3!

NOTE  Ellen Announces the CHORUS!

WATCH  Ellen Announces Verse 2B of Song 2 & gives instruction on the chorus!

WATCH Ellen Announces Verse 2A of Song 2

WATCH Ellen Announces 1st Verse of Song 2

LISTEN to Ellen’s 2nd collaboration with Hookist while in progress – we have a melody and a big, beautiful verse so far! 

LISTEN to a rough mix of How Much More

NOTE Song 2 Line 2 Winner Announcement 10.19.14

WATCH Song 2 Line 1 Winner Announcement 10.18.14

WATCH Ellen announce the Most Valuable Hookist and title for her first collaboration with Hookist. 10.17.14

WATCH  Ellen announce the winning last line of the song — and it’s a mash-up!

WATCH 1st Line of Verse 3 Winner Announcement! 10.15.14 (10.14.14. dark)

NOTE Chorus Winner Announcement 10.13.14

WATCH Line 4 Winner Announcement 10.12.14  (10.11.14 dark)

NOTE  Line 3 Winner Announcement 10.10.14

WATCH Line 2 Winner Announcement 10.9.14  Ellen plays the melody with the first couple lines!

WATCH Line 1 Winner Announcement 10.8.14

WATCH Ellen Reid’s Inspiration Video for Hookist!  Then check out the Song In Progress, dig deep and submit the next best line!

Go to  Song In Progress to browse the lyrics or submit now.




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