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Collaborative Songwriting in School!

Welcome to Hookist!
We bring the world together to write songs! One of our current collaborations, Schoolapalooza, is a celebration of music education and FREE to all students and classes!

Students over 13:
Can create their own accounts and submit on their own or as part of classroom activities.
Students under 13:
Teachers can create an account and submit lyrics on behalf of their students, or parents can submit for their children. Lyrics can be anotated with the 1st name of the student, and there is no limit to the number of lyrics that can be submitted.

If you are a teacher or are over 13, email us for a CODE to start writing now!

We can also hold private collaborations just for your class or school, which is an amaing way to bring a community together and great for any age!

How does it work?
Students from across the US are submitting lyrics based on the theme “Passage of Time” right now, and they and their families and friends will vote to determine a new winning lyric each week!

Music educator, Dr. Sarah Gulish and music producer and Hookist co-founder Terry Derkach will host the collab, interview prominent artists and hit songwriters, and share their expertise to give you or your students a true MASTERCLASS in songwriting!

We’ll also have prizes and social media contests where students can perform their own version of our song!

Download our Schoolapalooza deck now for more info!
Email us to learn more!

Sign up now!

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