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Chris Barron – Spin Doctors: “Tin Man”

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Chris Barron
Lyrics: MattMerk, Kiva Simova, Daniel Evans, Stormy_420, Pamby1, Tyche, M.Ocho, Sarah Lopusnikova, Chris Barron, SMajor, Tad Donovan, Pekkepop, Lynmaria, SeriouslyMel, G.T.Edwards, Walker Todd Davis

Tin Man

I’ve got nothing to do but I’m always frantic
I look pretty cool but I sound pedantic
I’m a backhand hologram focus fractured
Like a slow-mo Romeo bending over backward
Tin pan man oil can nowhere to stand
I got nowhere to be but here I am

I got nothing to say but I’m always talking
I’ve got no sway but I sure am rocking
Cast aside bauble rusting in the dirty cobbles
I got a million ideas not one of them is novel
I’m a black sheep blue streak last to the dance
Every look I get is a little askance

The things that we you I
The trouble that our your my
Can’t breathe can’t leave can’t cry
The wings that she he fly
The bubble that their their die
Fool in the pool reflection wavers
Slave in the cave of my own behavior

Currency of time
Where the lines beside the highway split the clouds in two
The wind sings a lullaby in a sky so blue
So glad to be sad oh it had to be true
Dulling the edge of the monster that sleeps in the back of my head
Feeding the imposter feathers of lead
Caught between the plastic and the stone that’s bled

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