The Bros. Landreth: "Can't Go Back" • Hookist

The Bros. Landreth:
“Can’t Go Back”

Follow the entire evolution of The Bros. Landreth’s song collaboration with Hookist here!

If you’re new to Hookist, start at the bottom with The Bros. Landreth’s Inspiration Video, where they’ll explain the Hookist songwriting process, and then work your way up to Joey’s impromptu performance of “Can’t Go Back”!

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WATCH “Can’t Go Back”
Music starts at 1:10

 Joey Landreth announces the Most Valuable Hookist for “Can’t Go Back.”

WATCH:  Live from The Western Canadian Music Awards, here’s Joey Landreth performing “Can’t Go Back” from inside the band’s trusty van, “Rammy Davis, Jr.”

WATCH:  The Bros. Landreth Take Us Thru the Bridge On Hookist!

WATCH:  The Bros. Landreth Announce the First Part of the Bridge!

WATCH:  The Bros Landreth Announce the Last Line of the Last Verse for Hookist.

WATCH:  The Bros. Landreth sing an incredible 4 part harmony of our song-so-far at 2am after their show!

WATCH:  The Bros. Landreth sing the chorus for us — and it’s pretty beautiful!

WATCH:  The Bros. Landreth announce the 2nd lyric selection for their song collaboration with Hookist.

WATCH:  The Bros. Landreth Announce Line 1 of their Hookist Song Collaboration

WATCH:  The Bros. Landreth Song Inspiration Video For Hookist



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