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AI Music Video Festival!

Thank you for your interest in
The AI Music Video Festival!

Submissions are now CLOSED.

Tune into @aimusicvideoshow on Twitter/X Friday at 9pm ET to watch the festival!


Calling all creative souls and video wizards!

Hookist & The AI Music Video Show are launching an EPIC music video competition! And YOU are invited!

So what’s the gig?

Create a captivating music video for one of the 3 killer tracks below using the latest AI tech! Dive deep into the rhythm, express the song’s essence, and let your creativity flow.

*Win PRIZES! Each song will have one winning video which will be featured on the AI Music Video Show and at their live event in Vegas March 29th! Plus win 2 hours of audio mixing worth $300 from VRTCL Entertainment in NYC AND some swag!

**AND win 2 VIP tickets to the AI Imagine Live Conference! Sign up below to be entered into the drawing! Deadline Saturday 3/2!

If you’re new to AI, check it out with the amazing technology of Neural Frames!

Rules and guidelines are below, but first.. let’s meet the artists & listen to their songs!

Choose A Song! Make Your Masterpiece!

The Voice Sensation Morgan Myles!

Powerhouse singer-songwriter Morgan Myles blew the judges away on The Voice with a 4-chair turn and an unforgettable performance of Leonard Cohen’s iconic song, “Hallelujah.” John Legend called it “one of the best” he’s seen, and she quickly became America’s sweetheart & critic’s darling, landing in the Top 3.  Morgan then sang her heart out at her Grand Ole Opry debut and received a standing ovation from legends and luminaries alike.

“Contagious” is the result of a global songwriting collaboration Morgan led at Hookist during the height of the pandemic.  The song is filled with vivid images and powerful lyrics  submitted by folks from around the world, and curated by Morgan herself.

Listen to Morgan’s incredible performance of  “Contagious” and make some music video magic for it! Then return here to submit it & post it on your socials! And be sure to tag us!


Vegas Triple Threat Lit Reeezy!

Arya Shahbazy, known professionally as Lit Reeezy, is ON FIRE!

Building on his rich musical lineage – Reeezy is the great-nephew of legendary Persian singer Afsar Shahidi and son of composer Iman Shahbazy – Reeezy has built a formidable career at a young age, with legions of fans and soulful rap music that touches on deeply personal themes, especially mental health, which is a cause close to his heart. Reeezy aims to advocate for mental health awareness and dreams of launching his own record label to uplift local artists.

Reeezy is offering you the special privilege of creating an AI music video for his highly anticipated and soon-to-be-released song, “Victorious.”



NYC Favorite Sons Impossible Kings!

Impossible Kings’ Brendon Hamilton and Terry Derkach are the singer-songwriter duo taking NYC by storm! Buffalo native Hamilton’s silky voice and impossible falsetto take their moving lyrics soaring and crashing through the highs and lows of life, while Derkach’s guitars and production lift us up and immerse us in a world of sound where we can’t help but feel anything is possible!

The Kings led a global songwriting collaboration at Hookist with fans from around the world submitting lyric ideas based on the themes of respect & kindness. “Rise Up Again” is the glorious result, ripe with positive energy and images evocative of an indomitable spirit!

Listen to “Rise Up Again” now and let The Kings take you HIGH! Then revel in the good vibes and create an emotive AI music video! Return here to submit your video. Then post it on your socials – and be sure to tag us!



Submission Deadline: March 18, 2024
Aspect Ratio:  16:9 aspect ratio for optimal viewing.
Content: We’re looking for submissions that visually capture the essence of each song through creative interpretation.
**You must ONLY use creative commons material
***If you’re new to AI video creation, check out Neural Frames!
Judging Period:
The winner for each song will be unveiled on March 28, 2024.
Judging Criteria:
-Creativity and originality
-Alignment with the song’s theme
-Production quality


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