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You’re In!

We’re so psyched you’ve joined our 1st ever AI Music Video Competition!

Look out for an email with a link to the audio files, photos and videos of all 3 artists! 

Feel free to use any images we’ve provided and any of Morgan or Impossible Kings that you find throughout!

AI truly puts the world at your fingertips, so here is your chance to let your imagination take you far and wide, into the wildest, most creative parts of your being!

Let the songs sink in and take you on a journey! What do you see? What do the words, and the phrases and the performances make you FEEL?

Then show us in your video!

And remember, the lyrics for “Contagious” and “Rise Up Again” were submitted by people from around the world and were crafted into the songs you hear over the course of 8-10 weeks by Morgan Myles and Impossible Kings! Feel free to check out the lyrics and the Hookist writers’ profile pages! We’ll have a lyric sheet for Lit Reeezy soon!

Follow us on IG and X/Twitter! And be sure to share your videos on your socials!

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