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A Note from Sasha

30 June 2015

Hello Hookists!

Sasha is knee-deep in rehearsals with Puss n Boots preparing for their shows coming up with Neil Young!  But she reviewed all your beautiful submissions and it appears we have a song!  And a quite beautiful one at that!

Sasha has named GTEdwards the Hookist of the Day!  Congratulations on a gorgeous line!

GT wrote:
Sun is slowly sinking
on this journey you’ve been on
You can’t take it with you
but you’ve known that all along

Sasha tweaked it a bit and decided to make it the last verse of our song!  And she will use Smiley Lizard‘s line from yesterday for Chorus 3.
So here is how the end of the song reads:

Verse 3GTEdwards
Sun slowly sinking
Journey we are on
Can’t take it with you
We’ve known all along

Chorus 3Smiley Lizard
Moonlight sing to me, twinkle in your eye
Hold me closer with everyday gone by.

Our dreamy section will consist of Apresmoi4‘s line with lots of notes – tho we are not sure where exactly it will go yet:

Golden, golden, golden dreams

BIG shout outs to everybody, including Tod Hughes for:

Maybe foolish, maybe brave, we work without a net

And GTEdwards for:

We’re skipping stones across the waves of the past

Nice work, everybody!

Sasha is working on a video and will announce the Most Valuable Hookist tomorrow morning! And she will be recording the song next week with a wonderful video team shooting something extra special for you!



27 June 15

From Sasha:

Good morning, everyone!!  Thanks for all the positive energy/feedback/ideas.  I have learned so much about my own writing through collaborating with all of you and through this amazing medium, the Hookist!  Learning to push ourselves but also allow ourselves the creative space to “be”.

In my eyes, sitting with the music is perhaps the most crucial part in finding out what this song is supposed to do, evoke, etc..  The music informs me of what the melody might be which informs the phrasing and then the words.  Or the music will inform a feeling which might inspire some thoughts or words… Its another way of getting it done and tis not always the most pleasant.  But when all else fails go with your gut.  Go with something that doesn’t make any sense except that it came from your ear.



I’ve decided to go with the second version.  its a stronger melody and I do think the lyrics are sinking nicely into the song. Like a bed 🙂

So lets do the second version (unless somehow I’m confused… or have it backwards 😀  Its early! ).

Here’s how I see the lyric w/ and in regards to the form of the song:

Gold Dream

Verse 1
Ten thousand feet above where we first met
They say that time and space will take it all away
What is space and time when our bodies intertwine
Its the distance that lives within our minds    

Verse 2
Rise with the tide to where the sun won’t set
Introduce promises, we never even met  – I added this line to make it even, what do you think?
Lost, an emotion, remnants of a dream
plucked a memory where things aren’t as they seem

Golden, golden, golden dreams
(repeat, dreamy section… still working on it. )

Can we shoot for one more verse and one more chorus?

BIG Shout Out to Wally Peters!




OK, so next up, we’re looking for lines 1-2 of Verse 3 for tomorrow and then Chorus 2.

Here is the link to Sasha’s last video – new one coming soon!

Version 2  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfIG1vjl6XQ

Have a great day, guys!



p.s.  Apologies for the duplicate winner announcement – we need to figure out how to change the order of the song in progress without triggering them!  Thanks for your patience!



Friday, 26 June 15
Hello, Hookists!

Sasha is working on a video for us, but needs a little more time to flesh it out, so hold onto your hats – something amazing is coming!  But she didn’t want to keep you guys in suspense any longer, so she asked us to let you know that…

We have a tie!

Both G.T Edwards and Apresmoi4 are the HOOKISTS today!

Apresmoi4 wrote:  Golden dreams, golden dreams

G.T. Edwards wrote:  plucked from a memory, where things aren’t as they seem

Congratulations guys!

When we get final confirmation from Sasha on which version of the song she wants to go with, we will make any necessary changes to the song page.  In the meantime, we’ll stick with the first version there and below is the 2nd version.  Definitely let Sasha know your thoughts in the comments!

The 2nd version of the song looks like this:

Ten thousand feet above where we met – Joel Hamilton
The time and space will take it all away – Bluntkid143

What is space and time when our bodies intertwine/
It is the distance that lives within our minds – Galeygrl

Rise with the tide to where the sun won’t set – GTEdwards
Lost in an emotion, the remnants of a dream – Wally Peters

Golden dreams, golden dreams – Apresmoi4
Plucked from a memory, where things aren’t as they seem – GTEdwards


We’ll get the video to you guys as soon as we get it from Sasha, but in the meantime, here are links to Sasha singing both versions.

Version 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5opo3cJUO8g

Version 2  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfIG1vjl6XQ

Can’t wait to see what you guys have rolled up your sleeves!  Thanks again for all the great music and good vibes!




Thursday, 25 June 15
Hey Guys!

Sasha has a crazy day today preparing for a big show announcement, so she wanted to drop us a note to name the Hookist for the day and give some shout outs and direction for the next verse!

From Sasha:

“Lost in an emotion, the remnants of a dream” – is the one!  Congratulations, Wally Peters!  We might need to reword “remnants”….??

Big shout outs to:

Dan Herman for “The ebb and flow will wash it all away”

Kat for “Pulled by the wave, float without regret”

Great job, everybody!

Lets focus on a dreamy middle section now,  like a chant.  A few words per submission that channels the summary of ideas here.

Well done, gang!  This is really going to be a beautiful song!  New video coming tomorrow!  Make sure and let Sasha now which version of our song you like best in the FB sidebar comments!

Thanks so much for you patience as we get this down!


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