A Note from Brad 12/29/15 • Hookist

A Note from Brad 12/29/15

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Hey gang!

We have 5 WINNERS, in order of their appearance in the lyric:

“Buckle up”, said Bunny, “this is not like a sleigh”

“Warping wormholes is rough and not a child’s play”

Marcel Bingley


He buckled his seatbelt and held on tight

And closed his eyes while the drone took flight



Up they flew in a whirl of starlight and snow

And for the first time in years Santa laughed: “Ho-ho-ho!”

Qortni with a Q


With speeds to reach galaxies far, far away

That humbled the specs of his antique sleigh

Kathryn Simova


Like ole’ Scrooge he did sail, round broad span of his life

Cross the myriad shadows and the twinkling lights

Ray Lonsdale



Now that Santa and the bunny are on the move, we need them to go somewhere, and to see what they see: put simply, the lines we got today are connective tissue, but presently we need to do some solid story telling here:

Where does the bunny take Santa?

And to what end?

How does the bunny deal with Santa’s problem?

Dive in! Feel free to submit more than one couplet in order to say what has to be said.

Love, Bard

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