The Sisterhood
Ruby Stewart & Alyssa Bonagura

"We Rise"

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"A Song of Light for Haiti"

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Winners' Circle

Kiva Simova is our MVH!

Congratulations to Kiva Simova!
You are our Most Valuable Hookist for writing an amazing HOOK that we can’t stop singing!

Congratulations to MariaJack!
Ruby & Alyssa were so inspired by your bridge that you have completed our song! And it is so GORGEOUS!

Kiva, Shefik, Pekkepop & Paul Goerke WIN your own personal SolarPuff Light,
one free month of SingLikeYouSpeak™ & a copy of the lyrics signed by The Sisterhood!

BIG kudos to everyone! We WILL make a difference in Haiti bc  a portion of the proceeds of this collab and the resulting song will send SolarPuff Lights to Haiti!

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Song In Progress

Verse 1

Like the phoenix we rise/ from the ashes of pain/ with broken wings/ We’ll be whole again/ The ground may crumble beneath our feet/ slowly we rise with each heartbeat

kiva simova


We rise

kiva simova

Ignite the sky


We rise

kiva simova

Hearts breaking open, humanity’s awoken. We rise

kiva simova

Verse 2

With Unfolded wings/ we’re breaking the light


Beauty in motion / Into the night

Paul Goerke

Tho the burden is heavy, we’re gonna get by / The stronger we become, the higher we fly

Paul Goerke


Higher and higher, we rise / Hope shinin’ brighter, we rise – we rise/ Holdin’ on tighter, we rise/ Together we rise


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