Gary Lucas

"Stolen Moments"

Song ON September 9, 2019

Song OVER November 25, 2019

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Verse 1

When the veins of the world bleed onto days of gold and we’re painted and tainted with dark


In the depths of the pain, on the brink of insane, we reach for the pulse in our hearts



Sunbeams crack the sky watch the darkness scatter, stolen moments you and I that’s all that really matters


Verse II

When we stand at the gate and we fear we’re too late to be sainted and painted with light


Will we wish for the chance to redo this life’s dance to change all the wrong into right


Chorus II

Our hearts unlock the gates thunder cuts the silence, lightning joins the earth and sky reminding us we’re giants

M. Ocho

We’ll shed this mortal skin, dance in stolen moments/ We’ll light the night with amber hues, and live the words of poets



Moonlight hits the room the night is split wide open, drags the darkness into light our moments won’t be stolen


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