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This was really fun to craft during my travels yesterday. Don't mean to write the entire 4-guitar-riff chorus - not sure whether the chorus will indeed take up that entire section either. Just got lost in my ideas and couldn't stop. I am putting this all in one post to explain my vision. I will also try to record this today to Gary's guitar track (if I can get around to it) - just to see how it sounds. The same idea could be used with other submitted lyrics. ******** The lyrics I wrote to recap our protagonist's plight can be chanted exactly to the rhythm of the guitar riff. I hear it as multiplied voices sounding like a heavenly choir. The options I give are easier to say, or, cool but harder to say.--------> He found himself on a wire / Got burned by keepers of fire (OR - Got burned and baptized by fire) / Infernal songs of the choir / Torment the soul of the liar (OR Torment his soul like a pyre) Devil's dance Devil's dance / Devil's dance of destiny (Dan Herman) / This dance of Destiny / by Faith will set you free (M. Ocho)

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